I remember sitting on the floor looking through a box of pictures. Most were of birthday parties, family reunions, vacations, and holidays. Some were professional sessions - from school pictures to family portraits. But all were precious memories. That's when I decided to purchase my own camera, so I could take pictures that would provide memories that would last a lifetime. I never expected that to turn into a passion of mine. It started with landscape and scenery pictures because I wanted to share the world as I saw it through my eyes. Then a friend asked me to do her family pictures and that's when I absolutely fell in love with photography. I not only had the privilege of seeing her family smiling and having a great time during our session, but also had the opportunity to capture those moments that they could cherish forever. I gave them a way to see themselves at their best. That gave me purpose. For this reason, I have decided to extend my photography beyond close family and friends and start my own business! This is a huge step for me, but in my personal growth, I have learned to not only love myself but also believe in my own talent and dreams. Now I want to share it with the world! Ok not the entire world, but with everyone within reasonable traveling distance, for now lol!

Life is precious. Document it.

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~ Teena